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Search Tafsir muqarin

The term "method muqarin" synonymous with the word al-al-muqar manhaj a n. In the opinion of Ath Tahir Ahmad As-sawi and Muhammad Farid Wajdi supported as quoted by Syafe `i said that word has meaning manhaj al-Tariq al-Ath wadhih which means that the light path. While al-muqaran means of comparison.

The main feature of the method This is a comparison (Comparative). Herein lies one of the principal differences between this method with other methods. Seeing some of the above definitions can be defined scope muqarin interpretation as follows:
  • Comparing the text (nass) verses of the Qur'an which have equation editor or similarities in the two cases or more, and or have different editors for the same case.
  • Comparing the verses of the Qur'an by the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, who in birth appear contradictory. 
  • Compare different opinion among the scholars' interpretation in interpreting Al-Qur'an.
  • provide insight into a relatively wide interpretation to the reader when compared with other methods. In the interpretation of the verses of the Koran can be viewed from various disciplines of knowledge in accordance with mufassirnya expertise,
  • opened the door to always be tolerant of other people's opinions are sometimes very different from our opinion and it's not impossible there are contradictory. Can reduce the excessive fanaticism of a sect or a particular stream.
  • interpretation of this method is very useful for those who want to know the different opinions about the text.
  • using this method, mufassir encouraged to review the various verses and the traditions and opinions of the other mufassir.
The weakness of this method include:
  • interpretation by using this method can not be given to new beginners learn the interpretation, because the discussion is presented in it are too broad and sometimes extreme.
  • this method is less reliable to answer the growing social problems in society, because this method is more emphasis on the comparison of problem solving.
  • This method seems more tracing interpretations that have been done by scholars rather than suggest new interpretations.
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