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Reading Al-Quran the law Know Without Meaning

Al-Quran is a book that actually contains the basic instructions for living in the natural world. By using the instructions that we are asked by God to serve him. Worship in the broad sense, not limited to the scope and sacred ritual, but all human life applications are actually part of worship. Without using the instructions, then no matter what we intend as worship will be in vain. Then it should as Muslims, we are not just simply read the Koran as a religious rite, but more than that, we should learn the meaning, steeped in the essence of its contents, as well pengimplementasikan commands in it into a real action.

Al-Quran itself has been likened people who read the book but did not do it like a donkey carrying books. The likeness of those who dipikulkan him the Torah, then they are not carrying it like a donkey carrying books are thick. Parable of the very poor who reject Allah's revelations. And Allah guideth not a people unjust. (Surat al-jumu'a: 5)

 Then it becomes our duty to study the contents of the Book of Allah, as the characteristics of people who are Rabbani. You shall be those Rabbani, because you always teach you the Book and because you continue to learn. (Surah Ali Imran: 79)

The command to do tadabbur Al-Quran also we find as a necessity as a Muslim. Do they not pay attention to Al-Quraan or are their hearts locked up? (Surah Muhammad: 24)

Just read any of Worship

But we can not deny that the Koran was different from the other revelations. One advantage is when it is read, though not understood its meaning, the Qur'an is still rewarding. Although the benefits to be very little compared to when we understand its meaning. But there remains the read command, so even though we have not mastered the Arabic language, it still read Al-Quran is a command from Allah SWT. Command to read the Quran we find scattered in the Quran itself, of which the following verse:

Read what is easy of the Quran. (Surat al-Muzzammil: 20)

In addition to the Koranic verse also many hadith which menganjukan nabawi us to read the Quran, without emphasizing the importance that we understand its meaning.

A. People who Read Al-Quran by Non Different Read

One hadith texts explicitly compare the people who read Al-Quran by not reading the Quran. Of Abu Musa Al-Ash `sickle saying, the Prophet said," The parable of the believers who read Al-Qur `an it smells like lemons and tasted delicious. And the parable of the believers who do not read Al-Qur` an as dates, it's delicious and odorless. And the parable of a hypocrite who read Al-Qur `an raihanah fruit that smells like sweet and bitter taste, and the parable of a hypocrite who does not read Al-Qur` an as fruit hanzholah odorless and bitter. " (Bukhari and Muslim) From this hadith it is clear that merely reading the Quran or not membacasudah distinguish one's position. Means there is a separate value to just read Al-Quran.

2. Along the Angel

This hadith is also explicit mention of the people who read the Qur'an, which God promised to be in place along with the angels. Allaah from `A'ishah` anha said, the Prophet said, "People who read Al-Qur` an and he proficient in reading it then it will be collected along with the Angels that noble and righteous. Meanwhile, people who read Al-Qur `an, and he was still stumbling -brick and feel the weight (not fluent) in reading, then he will get two rewards. " (Bukhari Muslim)

The more assertive again when lafadz hadeeth mentions the case of people who read the Koran with a stammer who still will be rewarded. Clearly shows the importance of reading the Quran.

3. Reading the Quran is intercession

In addition, we find the proposition that mentions a function of reading the Quran as intercessors who will help us in the hereafter. Umamah of Abu Al-Bahili said, I have heard the Messenger of Allah said, "Read Al-Qur` an!, Then surely he will come on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for the experts (Muslim)

4. Rewards are given per Letter

And the more firmly again the importance of reading the Quran while the Prophet SAW said:

From Abdullah bin Mas `ud t say bahwaRasulullahSAW," Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah (Al-Qur `an) then good for him one. And the goodness will be doubled to ten-fold. I do not say" Alif lam mim 'it one letter, but "Alif" is a letter, "Lam" is a letter and "Meme" is a single letter. " (Reported by At-Tirmidhi and said, "saheeh hasan hadeeth). The Utterly mentioned that reading the Koran and the reward is calculated perhuruf rewarding, in which each letter will be multiplied ten virtues.

All these arguments show that just reading the Quran without memaham sense, is also rewarding. But if we compare it with other arguments, of course, the reward will be more blessed, more and more, when we were well understood and to understand the meaning of literature we read.

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