Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Law That The People Want

The people are hungry for justice, as hungry for bread: you want to find justice in the last stick of their hopes. People want a justice system more agile. It is unreasonable that a question to linger a five-year period or until a decade to reach its end. You can shorten the course of justice, subject to fundamental principles such as adversarial ( the clash of parties), the careful production of evidence (, the diligent pursuit of truth) and two levels of jurisdiction (the right of appeal against decisions and rulings). The abbreviation of justice demands a change in laws, modernization of the judiciary and secular change of habits that persist unchanged.

It must be that justice for the poor is most efficient. Justice is not charity, but right. One instrument to achieve this goal is the establishment and maintenance of a Public Defender valued, responsive and competent, we argue in a recent article published in this newspaper.

If the Justice for the poor should be entirely free, also for those who pay fees, the court should be cheaper. Justice is expensive, the cost Cartor, in some cases are very high. Often, middle-class citizens retard the settlement of legal situations to escape the unbearable weight of charge.

We need to understand that justice is a collective work. Everyone should feel servants, workers, unadorned silly, not misplaced submissions. Both are important to the judge, the judge, the minister, the prosecutor, the prosecutor, the lawyer, as the officer of Justice, the clerk, the porter of the auditoriums, the more modest server. If any piece of gear failure, the set does not work.

The people should feel an agent of justice, participant, actor. Justice belongs to the people there for the people, that sense of justice and right of the people is a requirement of citizenship. The courts should be less formal, more direct and understandable, it must relinquish impenetrable codes, secret sessions and other stratagems intend to hide what should always be done in the open.

The court can not frighten the public, oppress, set walls to discourage the pursuit of rights by the weak. Judges and other employees should be courteous, attentive, understanding that justice is an essential public service that the people are the creditors.

The courts must be sensitive, able to hear the pain of the courts. The word has a gift for free. Servers Justice should always be available to hear the cries of those who call for help from the law.

Justice must be unpolluted. It is unacceptable corruption within the Justice. A corrupt magistrate exceeds in moral baseness, the most dangerous and nasty villain.

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