Sunday, May 13, 2012

Islamic Education in High School

Islamic religious education in high schools is an urgent at this time. Islamic education is the most important thing for the citizens of a country, because the forward and backward a country is determined by the high and low levels of education of its citizens.

One form of education that refers to the development of religious education which is the capital of which is the driving force that is invaluable for filling the aspirations of the nation, due to the implementation of a good religious education will have an impact on the understanding and practice of religion.

Islamic education comes to the Quran and the Hadith is to form a whole human beings who believe that humans and bertagwa against Allah, and to maintain the values ​​of the life of fellow human beings in order to run all his life, as determined by Allah and His Messenger, for the happiness living in the world and the hereafter. or in other words, to restore man to his nature, that is to humanize humans, so according to God's will that created the slave and the caliph in the earth.

Thus the importance of religious education for a nation make it attractive to be studied in depth. Besides Indonesia, because there are several centers of Islamic education, be a religious education in public schools including high schools to be marginalized.

The paper will try to elaborate on religious education in high schools from the time of independence until the birth UUSPN 1989. download the full

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