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the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy (Alex Carey). My country is the world, and my religion is to do good. (Thomas Paine)

No one was able to break away from the essence of human nature as beings who can be educated and lifelong learning (educated human being), so that dynamic change over masa.Pengalaman human life (life experiences) is the human learning experience of time / condition / time point to / condition / place to develop the potential of ourselves and our lives in both the current and negative current posiitif.

Another nature of humans is inevitable as the social and political human being, where we live birth "in group" in the family and society ahirnya nation - state (Zoon politicon, organized political man). Institutions were in addition to the container / house for humans is also an institution builder - enforcement and developers are very ipoleksosbudag potential. But now the three institutions were increasingly less and less work (loose) and there is a tendency even eliminated.

That man is the Divine Potential that brought every human being including physical and spiritual potential. Through a variety of educational and psychological assessment experts, spiritual potency categorized into three basic potential of the Intellectual Resources / Nalarr (with 6 potential); power afektual (8 afektual potential) and Psikomtorik (8 potential), so that the total includes 22 potential.

In the World of Education (especially formal education) in the formulation of curricula should be fully declared the figure of the output round (physical and spiritual), but programatically - procedural and reality outputs (outcomes) to be partial. The totality of the students themselves are almost never in kaffah dibelajarkan. Target completion of the conceptual theoretical teaching materials - scientific / normative or disciplinary structural and target number value (marking) or accompanied by high NEM ignorance / profesionalan teachers partial birth education and learning. Potential problems and the physical - and moral norms are almost never included in the count a special program MKU (PKN, PAI, etc.).
Not professional teachers, as well as patterns of learning - skills that professional training is mainly due to the lack of formal provision and systems such as al must teach a minimum of 19 jampel at one school, the system of placement of teachers, elementary teachers were classroom teachers (see "Teacher 7 subjects"!). So therefore it is possible to put forward what McLuhan (Pendulum theory) the day after tomorrow will manifest themselves, ie, an intelligent man, but his brain dulled emotions. This portrait has begun to appear in several places. The process of emoting - minding, spiritualizing, valuing and mental round trip was defeated by the process of thinking and rationalizing. Learning based on a normative moral values ​​/ exalted / sacred / religious lose by learning theoretic - conceptual based and rational cost-benefit calculations - or juridical science and formal. This portrait is also apparent in informal education cq. family life, child development and education (including religious and nobility) from less neglected and are fully assigned to other agencies cq. Teachers and schools. Home and family began to erode the status and role of the default behavior (religious & cultural) and only a "symbol of the source terminal assembly and social status - the economy" for its citizens. For families who have entered the "super developed / nuclear - family" marriage is only meant as agency / media to meet the biological needs of economic and social course. Similarly, in state and nation, must be considered only an automatic (opinio necesitatic) without being accompanied by other emotional sense (sense of integrity, patriotism and proudnes, etc.). Allohuma Nauzubillahi min zaalik!.

In the life of generations past the age of 50/60 years old and above, what is described above may be spelled "taboo" in family education, throughout the order value - moral and religious norms (cultural and religious), traditional culture (cultural heritages) and even the metaphysical morality with all the "pros & contranya" comes as a whole to be subject to all terms of milestones and beruwjud in various forms (material - imateriil, personal, and behavioral conditional / ceremonial). Formalpun education (courses, books, teachers, managers, system and conditional) also confirmed the earlier life. Social studies textbooks ("Sunrise") and the cultural arts (Panyungsi Language, Didi - Yoyo; Rusdi Misnem etc.) as well as bring the mission and the message nobility (custom and religion). Today, science is increasingly violent upheavals through multiple electronic media - print with all the "beauty - luxury and ease" the all "Whoa" following materiilnya demand is high enough, gave birth to a family life full of desire and activity as a "pattern of life (life style ) modern "in ahirnya are slowly but surely brought towards rationalism, secularism is materialistic and egoistic, and began to shift and erode existing standards for, including in our family life!

Norms of reference, and System Dimensions of human life

Picture of the nature of human nature (Divine / Natural and STIR) in the preceding description, describes the nature of man which is too full of potential and limitations. In life as social beings is enriched with a set of social nature in accordance with the status and role of behavioral expectations (expected role behavior), Some natural properties of these social beings is al always in groups (base group), contextual / conditional, are mono multiplex / pluralistic, political beings Organized (politicon zoon, organized political man), beings who are bound in a circle of life (life cycles) are multi aspect, multi time. John Locke, argued 5 natural nature of man in his position as an organized political man; ie: like respect, love of power, feel good, want to survive and live forever. The fifth case is shown every normal human being in his life, and if not controlled five of these things will manifest themselves into: conceited, power mad, get smart, looking for safe / secure (anti-risk) and fear of death. (Please contemplate / examine yourself).

Both the nature of nature had to be intervened by the place - the time and conditions, interacting / berinteradiasi and lead the process of human development and delivery of products the real thing of man / human being. Development process was not to be normless, but bound and controlled by a set order or norm-reference (norm refrences). In Indonesia there are people / applicable 6 reference basic norms guiding / controlling / mengharus himself and human life is nroma / Islamic religions, cultures, religions, cultures, customs / traditions, positive law / state, scientific norms, and norms of metaphysical (beyond the particulars range of human abilities, the supernatural - the trust). To the last six normative references exist in every circle and aspects of human life and the system. And each gave birth to a reference norms and moral values. Norma is the provision / law / direction, he can come from outside (external) as of God / Religion, state / law, community / indigenous and can also be (at best) comes from within ourselves or heart / qolbu our own. Norms that have become part of the conscience (conscience = qolbu!) Is the norms and values ​​- morality that has united sports (personalized) and a self-belief or principle or postulate of self and our lives. Value (value = Valere) is a qualifying price or the content of the message that was delivered / explicit / implicit in the norms of TSB (religious norm al load value / price haram - halal - sin -, etc.) and attached to all instrumental human input (yng material things / imateriil, personal / impersonal, conditional, behavioral). While the Moral / Moralita are demands attitude - behavior demanded by the norms and values ​​earlier. So therefore the norm of a source can contain values ​​- moral and positive and negative numbers very much, and is relative / subjective - that may be instrumental also contradictory to one another. Simple examples such as Norma religion "forbidden to steal" includes the value of al sin, haram, hell, etc.; moralita demanded stay away from, avoid, do not do it.

While we mean systems in life is what is proposed by Parson Talcot, where he lives every organism (humans, animals, plants, etc.) have a 5 system; namely: the value system (value system), system of culture (cultural system); social system (social system), personal system (personal system) and the organic system (organic system). Then the Man Self and Astagatra therefore human life is a living organism does not escape from the five earlier system and any system of reference refers to the six existing norms / shared / diyakni people / society / life.

From the picture was clear that the self and of human life filled / solid norm - and moral values, no life "value free" (free value). Self-portrait and the life upon it mathematically if we describe would appear as follows:
Life Cycles of human = 5 (self, family, community, nation / country and the world)
Aspect of life = 5 dimensions / aspects (Ipoleksosbudag)
Norma reference sources there are 6

Of these three dimensions only, the device value - Moral - Norma (NMNr) binding / control & human life amounts (5 x 5) x 6 = 150. 150 NMNr will still be linked (multiplied) by the presence of 5 systems in any organism lives (150 x 5 = 750) and is associated more with the status and role of human behavior that are mono pluralistic number n.
An even more powerful is that between the above components (life cycles, aspects, norms and system resources) does not always refer to and often / more or contrast / paradoxal. Self-portraits and human life with a very complex NMNr device, loaded paradoxal and contextual demands is that the presence of Moral Values ​​Education, so as human beings still value based as immoral (morally mature person or a healthy person) and his life under control (conditioned). In the self and the moral life (berahllak noble) all of its systems (5 systems) always refers to the entire order NMNr policies / believed herself & her life, have the relevant experience of learning (learning experiences) and ability (competence) how and when to optimize and minimize the NMNr device had been instrumental / contextual and balance. Moral beings (berahlak noble) in addition to using their intellectual abilities (intellectual intelligence) is also always do the emoting, spiritualized (spiritualizing) and valuing of all dimensions of the existing reference norm (believed to be concerned and or life) before making a decision (taking position). This process is now increasingly the lower (or value dimensions referencesnya basesnya norm), and just put the analysis process - assessment (rather than valuing Evaluating) intellectual - rational - conceptual only. Dimensions tend to reference the scientific norm (generally economic only) and or formal law. Economic calculation "cheap - expensive" only counts as a rational price difference and the "legal - illegal" it is also rational "as a formal violation / comply with the law" without the sound of the heart / qolbu (pity, remorse, guilt / sin etc. ).

It should be clear, people who do not know the order NMNr and not / rarely dibelajarkan afektualnya potential (8 potential) is difficult to be asked to be a moral man. Vision Values ​​- Moral addition to foster, develop and enforce the order NMNr sublime (6 sources Nr) is also self-enlightenment and human life is precious and berahlak kaffah and community life Madaniah (Civil Society). NMNr educational mission to bring:
a. Maintain / preserve and foster NMNr to 5 system that hooks mengkait life.
b. Clarify and revitalize sub.a as "moral conduct" ourselves and human life / society / nation / world which are concerned.
c. Humanize (humanizing), civilize (civilizing) and empower (empowering) the human and his life as a whole (kaffah) and civilized (norm / value based); Insan / Community immoral (morally mature / healthy person) and the nation's personality.
d. Establish and enforce "law and Order" and the order of human life - democracy - the principle of obedience.
e. Lodging in our country, besides the things above also bring the mission of fostering and development of human / community / nation is modern but still personable Indonesia (as kualiifikasi UUSPN 2003).
Rate of development of science and technology are now becoming increasingly fast and aggressive (via electronic and print media are full of science and technology product value added, easy and fun) begins to reduce and erode the existence / completeness of the source device and at the same reference norms also erodes the value of - moral. Normative source of God / Allah (religion), Nature and culture / customs and the metaphysical began to be shifted or changed by the work of human resources law and the science and technology. Science and Modernity is inherently carries values ​​- moral (characteristics): added values, easiness, enjoy, rasionalism, sekulerism, materislism, individualism, competition and conflict, specialization, etc.. So therefore NMNr contrast - paradoxal increasing and often give birth to "gaps" or disparities and state / human life that can not be balanced against the emerging variety of oddities, stress and strook. Generation gap, friction household and community life, lifestyle (life style) that "strange", etc. are the fruit of education Hippies partial leave the value of education - moral.
Here we picked up some of the statements of experts who reveal the essence of Value Education Diknil:
"Value Education or none at all" (Phlips Comb)
"Value education is the central of human being" (Piaget, Aristotle, etc.)
"Do not think before you faith, and faith and do not act before thinking" (Imam al-Ghazali).
"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good" (Thomas Paine)
And as a religious man, we believe that the pillars of Islamic faith and is believed to be requested ...

Nature of Citizenship STATE EDUCATION (PKN)

PKN or Civic Education is a program of education / learning programatically - a procedural attempt to humanize (humanizing) and membudyakan (civilizing) and empowerment (empowering) people / students (self and life) to be good citizens as the demands of necessity / juridical nation's constitutional / country concerned.
Referral good citizen in the Constitution is the Homeland 1945/2003 which jabarannya contained in the MPR and the Law (al UUSPN be the center of the whole program and the education system). According to the above constitutional foundation, the vision of the human birth of Homeland PKN / citizen and community life of the nation's Homeland religious, intelligent, democratic and lawful ness, peace - peace - prosperous, modern and berkeribadian Indonesia. His mission is the education program; the membelajarkan and train students in a democratic way - humanistic - functional.

Membelajarkan debriefing should be interpreted to give the knowledge of political literacy - law, fostering citizen identity of personality / culture of Indonesia, to train ourselves pelakonan / politically literate citizen who lives and culture of Indonesia in the legal order of society - the nation - a modern country. From the description above, the obvious target of the learning expectations of PKN Homeland, namely:

A. In Programmatic contains teaching materials kaffah / intact (CAP) in the form of stock of knowledge for political literacy and the existing laws / policies / imperative in the life of society - national and state Homeland democratic representative system - constitutional.
Kaffah teaching materials absolutely must display the political - a factual legal Homeland - teoritiik following conceptual and normative content of the message (value - moral) and the rules and procedures for implementation. And as the stock of knowledge is not absolute but rather delivered everything sorted and selected based on three basic criteria, namely: the level of its essence, its usefulness and whether or not critical.
PKN Hakkekat message that the main program (see UUSPN 2003) must contain al:
a. And human life in all Gatra Relgius IMTAQ life
b. Political literacy - law know / understand the happenings must berkehdiupan nation - state both constitutionally and in practice / reality (yesterday - today and tomorrow) Order and Political life - Indonesia Law and Society.
c. Human and democratic life of the lawfulness in the Homeland / Pancasila / cultured Indonesia
d. Intelligent beings and life, peaceful and prosperous
e. Beings and the love life of the nation state, Patriotic: love and defend the nation state (sovereign rights and dignity of the state bgs)
f. Association of the world / equal among nations and peace

2. By Procedural learning target is the delivery of teaching material choice - functional direction to foster, develop and establish self-potential students in kaffah and student life and the environment (physical - non-physical), as expected / necessity (6 normative sources in Indonesia) as well as empowerment training pelakonan it is in the real world astagatranya democratic, humanist and functional.

Implicit in all of the above description a number of things that are conceptually and praxis paradox / collision with the nature of globalism and Modernity. And this means that the real challenge facing tough for teachers PKN, PAI language and culture and such area. When we surrender means we sacrifice the essence of nature / Divine and student social and political life of our Country Nation. The answer is in your hands! Globalism is the era of science and technology superdeveloped, Modernity is a Neo Geopolitics of cyberspace / world wide and Secular

The findings of science and technology gave birth to the concept / proposition and the all new electronic products - mass leaving the human dependence on human labor and life, animals and nature, as well as shortening the time gap between the space. Many things are beginning to be "impossible or the yes" is now available and proven. Even begin to try subduing natural science and natural nature of man, all of this is what causes people to "arrogant" and laud him, and gave birth to the proposition "I` m nothing but every things "(I was everything - else).
The technology industry is entirely rational and capital base that gave birth to the demands of life science - rational, secular, materialistic, competitive capitalism and encourage the increasing individualistic patterns of circumstances and Utilities - beneficial - universal / global / world wide.
Pattern of competitive Universalism is a necessity demands (opinio necessitatic) modern technology of mass production. Mass production requires capital and the market (materials and products) which extends to the level kompitisi syndicates increasingly sharp and delivery industries combined (state) which is conceptually a giant paradox with the character of Modernity. Combined industrial giants and developed countries are known by various labels, is al World Dragons, IGGI, Euro / Nato, AFTA, superpower, world police etc.. Their market share is a world without borders (Planetary Territory, Cyber ​​space), the politics of nationality (nation) and even the sovereignty eroded by the pattern of socio-political life of Modern Democracy, Neo Geopolitics, World Peaceful and wealthfare, Multy National Corporation, Transnationalism, Global Capitalism , Planetary Territory etc. all of which force people / nation / state globalized order to create a new norm in the internet called the Normative Globalism berpolakan ipoleksosbud with super cyber technology developed in the life of a controlled post Modernity & dragons world super power countries earlier.
Like it or not, all the people and nation states led to the new world. The new paradigm of a new state appears in the argument of the New Democracy, the new democracy that the world wide cq. Western liberal democracy and a capitalistic economy in which the interests of a corner and primadonanya all things ..

In this paper we include the initial passage of Alex Carey's article, which stated there are three powerful forces that emerged in this era of post Modernity, namely the development of democracy and its strength korporasisnya, the rate of corporate propaganda camps democracy forces including the protection of democracy against the stronghold stronghold different principles (al traditionalist cultural or Oriental Despotism, narrow nationalism, democracy and other undemocratic). Then through a variety of pretexts and arguments (especially the pretext of terrorism and drugs), the world-wilah diwilah and created "a variety of conflicts" and there was a variety of "war" (war), from Panama War, Vietnam till the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. edges are menyelebungi liberalization and economic interests of democracy and science and technology high (raw materials and market share). Korporasis last stronghold of democracy in realizing its goals, namely Cyber ​​Politics / Economics and Modernization (system and life style) using various means and power, especially economic power (and aid or embargo), the establishment of the Law / International Institutions (WTO, NATO, Euro, etc.) as well as syndicate kekuangan (IMF, World Bank, IGGI, etc.) which show a main peak leading edge science and technology of military force. All of this is "forcing" people developing nations accept / adopt and or entering their new stronghold. And ironically, the character of science and technology - when it entered the modernization of human life / society concerned has a beginning has no end but will! Geo politics a long time (determined by the sovereign territory / state power) is changed to Neo Geopolitics, where "the interests of a political / number of countries" (which is the economic interests of the nation / country concerned) be the center of power by "eliminating the narrow boundaries of nationalism and power / old territorial sovereignty ". All should be opened up, it's back to talk technology in the form of military technology, the print media - and of industrial electronics.

Electronic print into a battering ram for traditional culture and life style. Through culture and education (and the source material as well as instructional media) young generation (which is generally the majority of the population in a state of mind and innovative - creative and "age revolution") created a new and modern generation who love / crazy Modernity, style and the new democratic world wide.

In this generation of life and existence of the order of the norm with the values ​​- moral sublime wobbly, misaligned or displaced. Brakes are a direktiva normative (moral conduct) themselves and the lives of "tension" and created a process of erosion and dehumanization, in which the dignity of self and nature itself "sold and sacrificed" for the enjoyment, pleasure and convenience, and value-added world alone. Came the generation and community life which is too rational, secular, materialistic, individualistic - in contrast to a number of utilities and noble NMNr applicable / no / standard and called themselves "the new life that modern"

Our hope of course humans, the nation state and the lives of Indonesia into the category of human beings - the nation - super sophisticated modern state, but must remain human and virtuous nation that still manages to look in human personality / Nation Indonesia. We do not expect the presence of human / society & modern life but Kufr and dolim of self, NMNr noble and cultural heritage (cultural heritage) Indonesia.

How do we, the Indonesian people are able membinanya? This question should be the awareness of all people, especially parents, community leaders and state and of course, educators and teachers. Looking at trends "shifting status and function of the role of the family" (in cities and villages) now it seems all is up and the cost could be terpikul by teachers and educators cq. School with the rest of his instrumental inputs. Institutional, curricular and procedural learning progaramtik must kaffah and base.Ini value is set in stone for the fulfillment of human birth and the hope of a religious nation, intelligent, and noble berahlak which must be accompanied by the system and working mechanism-based professionalism in education.
Limitations and deterioration of social and political economy, should not be the excuse corruption and prostitution of education.

Equally we should realize that the world today is more open, and the science and technology guru - electronically - print now becoming rampant membelajarkan life experience and training / learning the next generation of this country.

Race (musabaqoh) renewal of curricula and textbooks should be assessed not it be more serious (not just chasing a target date / year / project) and must be accompanied by an increase in the presence and upholding the professionalism of educators, teacher and executive education. Schools should we fungsionalkan become "agents of changes" and membelajarkan families and communities, so as to create the revitalization of the functions of the role of family / community. Tomorrow our nation and state are at our next generations young. Then the true value proposition Phillip Combs education or none at all!!

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